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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Flipbook Premium

    Joomla Fllipbook Premium will help you to create flipping books from your PDF **files and **images **. Flipbook Premium is a smoothly opening, **3D Flipbook with several great features. When you need a Joomla Flipping book, this is one of the best flipbook extension..

    100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices

    Joomla Flipbook Module works in wide range of devices from big screen desktop to compact phones.

    3D Effect

    3D Effect will help you creating more realisti flipbooks on your Joomla website.

    5 Different Flipbook Theme Options

    You can choose one of the most fitting theme option for your website / page from the flipbook theme options. You can view all this options at demo.

    PDF File to Flipbook

    You can convert any PDF file to fast loading, 100% responsive, smoothly working, 3D Flipbook!

    Images to Flipbook

    You can show images from a folder as a flipbook easily. All you need to do is selecting images as theme and writing the folder path. Joomla Flipbook Extension will make the rest for you.

    Multiple Flipbooks as Catalogue View

    Do you have multiple PDF Files? You can show all of them as a flipbook. Select Catalogue as theme and add as much as pdf files in to your catalogue view.
    Buttons as Flipbook Triggers
    You can add a button at any module position or in your content to open a flipbook

    Text Links as Flipbook Triggers

    You can add a text link at any module position or in your content to open a flipbook

    Sound Effects

    You can enable or disable sound effect for page turns. There are 3 different sound files as defauşt which you can choose. You can also add another sound file easily.

    Left to Right (LTR) or Right to Left (RTL)

    Do you have a Right to Left website? You can easily switch flipbook direction from LTR to RTL with one click at extension back-end.

    Custom Height

    In case you need to change flipbook height, just add your preferred size at extension back-end and that is it!

    Scroll Wheel Option

    Let your site visitors zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel of their mouse!

    Download PDF File or not!

    You can let visitors to download the pdf files they view or you can simply disable this ###option and they can not download.

    ** Transparent Background

    You can set the flipbook container background transparent. Flipbook will fit your website design 100%

    Links to Flipbook Pages

    You can create page links and share. Link redirects exactly to the page you desired. This helps to find the page easily or share an exact page on social media, especially for linking for flipbooks with multiple pages.

    Easy to Install and Configuration

    Joomla Flipbook will come as a ready to install pack with default parameters. You can install and simply configure each parameter easily.

    Well-defined parameters

    Each extension parameter is well-defined. You can simply roll your mouse over the extension parameter and an information will shown.

    User Guide and Support

    User Guide is ready and you can ask any question to use via support section

  2. Contact Us Premium

    Contact Us Premium will help your site visitors to reach you instantly with a well-looking, easy to use, multi-functional contact extension!

    Do not miss any customer!

    Marketers knows that very well, 80% of customers search for the contact page / contact forms before they purchase!

    If you're getting visitors to your site but no sales, it can be because some of your potential customers are not able to find your contact pages, forms enough easily.

    ### Component & Module
    You will get a component and a module!

    Contact Button

    You can show contact button at bottom-right or bottom-left of your website

    Contact Button Color

    You can customize the contact button color easily and make it fit to your website's design

    Call Back Request Button & Form

    Visitors can submit their phone number and names easily via Call Back Request Form

    Only phone or name & phone options

    Visitors can submit only their phone number Call Back Request Form. You can disable Name input easily

    Re-captcha Option

    You can enable re-captcha and prevent bots to submit requests

    Call Back Request Manager - List View

    All requests will be saved and you can manage them via Component at Joomla ###Administrator Area.
    Call Back Request Manager - List View - Filter
    You can filter request by Date and Process.

    Call Back Request Manager - Request Detail View

    You can view a requests submission date, ip address, page url. In the same time, you can take notes and set a request to Processed.

    Multiple Contact Buttons

    At module, you can show multiple contact options
    Facebook Messenger
    Viber and
    You can show or hide any of that buttons easily.

    Custom Contact Button Titles

    You can customize contact buttons titles via module backend.

    Custom Contact Button Sub-titles

    You can customize contact buttons sub-titles via module backend.

  3. Official Facebook Pixel

    This plugin will install a Facebook Pixel on your Joomla page. The Official Facebook Pixel allows you to fire PageView events when people visit your website and fire Lead events when people submit the contact form. Tracking lower funnel (Lead) events can help you understand the actions people are taking on your website. You can then use this information to make adjustments accordingly in your advertising campaigns.

  4. Mobile Menu CK

    Create an amazing responsive mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface.

    Device detection

    Select if you want to show the mobile menu depending on a resolution value, or if you want to activate the device detection to show it only on tablet or phone.

    Multi compatibility

    Use your mobile menu with many menu modules : native menu (mod_menu), Maximenu CK, Accordeon Menu CK, or use a custom PHP or JS function to target any menu in your page.

    Styling interface

    Use a dedicated interface to style your menu. Give the colors, margins, borders and what you want and see the result directly in the instant preview. You can also use the themes presets to have a one click designed applied to your mobile menu.

    Options integration

    Don't waste your time to switch between multiple screens, the mobile menu options will be integrated directly in the menu modules options. In the same page you can activate the mobile menu, select every option, and style it in the interface.

    Multiple presets

    Speed up your work with more than 10 presets that you can choose and apply in one click. Then use the styling options to change any value for what you want.

    No limit

    Create as many styles as you want, create as many menus as you want. You can also apply the same style to multiple menus just by selecting your style in the list. For each menu you can choose to have different options, like you want.

    Export / Import

    Save your work and reuse it on your other websites. Directly from the styling interface you can click on the export button and you will get a file that contains the data. You can then import it in the interface of another website.


    Every language string that is used in the Mobile Menu CK can be translated in any language. You can also create one module per language in your website and activate a mobile menu for each of them to have a full multilanguage website.

    Mobile Menu CK is the perfect solution for all your mobile menus.

    Use existing menus, or create any custom menu.
    It is touch ready and user friendly.
    Give it the look you want for your website using its amazing styling interface. Don't waste your time to go in multiple screens, just enable your mobile menu with 1 click.

  5. Dashboard Builder

    Our Joomla module of dashboard builder provides you with the ability to connect any MySQL database such as Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, HikaShop, EShopand or any other database even outside of Joomla and create fully responsive, D3.js based dynamic line charts for you

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